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The Office: Season Nine

Despite popular protestations to the contrary, “The Office” still had plenty of comedic juice during its final season. Continue reading

Michael J. Weithorn, “A Little Help”

Veteran television writer/producer Michael J. Weithorn has directed his first feature film, the drama/comedy “A Little Help” starring Jenna Fischer. Continue reading

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A Little Help

A distinct departure for Jenna Fischer in a black comedy that just keeps getting blacker. Continue reading

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Hall Pass

“Hall Pass” says less about sexual or marital politics than about how much the Farrelly Brothers are sucking wind trying to keep pace with new contemporaries. Continue reading

I Wrote This For You

Original songs deserve some recognition, too, so here are some of the best of recent years.
Continue reading

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A Little Help

Fort Wayne native Jenna Fischer headlines an ensemble cast in this black comedy/drama about screw-ups and the people who love/hate them. Continue reading

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Solitary Man

Michael Douglas shines in this intelligent and refreshing character study about getting older. Continue reading