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Indiana film critics debate Best Film award

by Christopher Lloydon December 18, 2013
Ever wondered what it's like to listen to film critics as they debate their annual awards? You can go behind the scenes to hear Indiana journalists debate Best Film.

Sports biopics

by Christopher Lloydon April 12, 2013
Joe Shearer and Christopher Lloyd are joined by special guest Richard Propes to discuss sports biopics like the new Jackie Robinson drama, "42."

Oscars Liveblog 2013!

by Christopher Lloydon February 24, 2013
Join Joe Shearer, Christopher Lloyd and the rest of the Film Yap crew as we once again liveblog the Oscars!!

2013 Oscar predictions

by Christopher Lloydon February 20, 2013
Joe and Chris are joined by special guest Bob Bloom as we give our picks, predictions and more for the 85th Academy Awards.

The 2012 Yappy Awards

by Christopher Lloydon January 5, 2013
It's time once again for The Yappies, The Film Yap's annual ode to the best, the worst and the weirdest of the cinematic year 2012.

The Bond Legacy

by Christopher Lloydon November 7, 2012
Nick Rogers, Joe Shearer and Christopher Lloyd discuss the James Bond cinematic legacy as "Skyfall" lands in theaters.

Fall Into Film ’12

by Christopher Lloydon September 19, 2012
Joe and Chris discuss their faves and pans from the exciting fall film lineup.

The Summer Yappies ’12

by Christopher Lloydon August 29, 2012
Joe and Chris are back with the awards for the best and worst in cinema for the summer. It's the Summer Yappies '12!

The State of the Superhero Movie

by Christopher Lloydon July 19, 2012
The Film Yap crew is joined by special guest stars to discuss "The Dark Knight Rises" and assess the state of the superhero genre.

Yap vs. Yap: Prometheus

by Christopher Lloydon June 12, 2012
Nick, Joe, Austin and Chris gang up for a free-wheeling and spoiler-riffic discussion of Ridley Scott's bold new "Aliens" prequel, "Prometheus."