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Wish You Were Here

by Caine Gardneron September 10, 2013
While the ending is a little too tidy, "Wish You Were Here" is a tight thriller anchored by a strong performance from Joel Edgerton.

The Great Gatsby

by Christopher Lloydon August 27, 2013
Baz Luhrmann's take on the great American novel is flawed but compelling, bursting with passion missing from previous cinematic adaptations.

The Great Gatsby

by Christopher Lloydon May 9, 2013
Oversized and ambitious, "The Great Gatsby" better captures the passions and human conflict of Fitzgerald's book than previous film adaptations.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green

by Patrick Mitchellon December 4, 2012
"The Odd Life of Timothy Green" is not so much odd as it is just boring. A blu ray stocking stuffer sure to be re-gifted this holiday season.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green

by Christopher Lloydon August 14, 2012
A contrived story of a fake family, "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" feels like there's nothing at stake.

The Thing

by Christopher Lloydon October 13, 2011
A dimwitted and mostly unscary remake of — no, prequel to — John Carpenter's 1982 horror/sci-fi classic.


by Nick Rogerson September 10, 2011
Despite an early barrage of cliches, this tale of family feuds settled through fisticuffs flies by thanks to vivid fight choreography and tough performances.

Animal Kingdom

by Nick Rogerson September 8, 2010
Aussie director David Michod makes his arrival with one of the finest spawns of Martin Scorsese, Michael Mann or Francis Ford Coppola's seminal gangster works.