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Netflix Cinema: Bright

Bright is a flawed film that is certainly not Netflix's best original film but is also not their worst. It's a wildly entertaining film that shows Netflix is stepping in the right direction in the Hollywood blockbuster business.

It Comes at Night

An eerie psychological horror / thriller that gets under your skin quickly, and burrows.


This understated yet moving tale of the interracial couple who inspired a landmark Supreme Court decision is one of the year's best.

Midnight Special

An engaging and offbeat supernatural mystery/thriller featuring some fine actors, and boasting a verve of originality so often missing from this genre.

Midnight Special

Part ode to early Spielberg, part terse rumination on Otherness, "Midnight Special" is a worthy film that is a little too meagerly with its emotions.

Black Mass (2015)

The Blu-ray release of "Black Mass" is worth a rental, even if it's only to see the wonderful performance by Johnny Depp.

Another Take: Black Mass

Scott Cooper’s new film, “Black Mass,” is a tight, well-written gangster saga that somehow left me feeling a little underwhelmed.

Black Mass

"Black Mass" was built to feature Johnny Depp in an unforgettable performance. At this it succeeds, but to the detriment of the total cinematic experience.