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Mortdecai - inside


"Mortdecai" is a piffle, a lark, an utterly inconsequential movie that wears its insipidness like a badge of honor.

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Transcendence - inside


This ambitious sci-fi/drama starring Johnny Depp reaches for the stars, and misses, but it's still a worthwhile attempt.
LoneRanger Inside

The Lone Ranger

Disney’s feeble attempt at recapturing the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise magic feels more like a beaten dead horse than a rip-roaring good time.

The Lone Ranger - inside

The Lone Ranger

Big, loud and aggressively dumb, "The Lone Ranger" is basically "Pirates of the Caribbean 5" — where more is always more and the audience wishes it were less.
Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows

After 10 years of crappy remakes that went on to become box office hits, Tim Burton's bad karma finally caught up to him with the bloodless "Dark Shadows."