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Still Alice - inside

Still Alice

“Still Alice” is one of the most life-affirming movies I’ve ever seen. There is beauty and truth in that aching.
Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 - inside

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1

Mercifully shorter than its predecessors, “Mockingjay” nonetheless has a low thrills-to-doldrums ratio, with really only one action sequence to carry momentum.

"Seventh Son" (2015) starring Jeff Bridges.

Seventh Son

"Seventh Son," starring Jeff Bridges, is a serviceable sword-and-sorcery movie that offers just enough for genre fans.

Still Alice

A challenging yet compelling film that casts a subdued light on a terrible disease without softening its devastating effects.

Non-Stop - inside


A reasonably engaging thriller, "Non-Stop" shows that older action stars can still get it up in the air.
Non-Stop - inside


A mash-up of recent action/thriller tropes, "Non-Stop" is an agreeable if preposterous vehicle for Liam Neeson's crusty persona.

Don Jon within post

Don Jon

The tale of a latter-day lothario who gets wised up, "Don Jon" is a raunchy, bold first directorial effort by star Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


While the original "Carrie" is an essential horror film, this year's remake is an essential high school drama that happens to have horror elements.