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Young Adult

by Sam Watermeieron March 12, 2012
This timely tale of arrested development is a masterstroke of restraint by artists prone to showing off.

Jennifer’s Body

by Joe Sheareron December 30, 2009
Diablo Cody's follow-up script to "Juno" certainly doesn't ring as sweet and real as its predecessor, but that was hardly the intention.

Jennifer’s Body

by Jessica Sieffon September 20, 2009
Megan Fox is devilishly good as a demonic high school cheerleader who doesn't just torture the boys, but eats them right up.

Two Thousand Maniacs (1964)

by Joe Sheareron July 20, 2009
"Two Thousand Maniacs" is another schlock classic, a timeless, joyfully bad film that is the essence of what shlockmeisters love.

The Wizard of Gore (1970)

by Joe Sheareron July 8, 2009
Another in gore auteur Herschell Gordon Lewis' seemingly endless line of reach-into-your body films not starring Ron Jeremy.

An interview with Herschell Gordon Lewis

by Joe Sheareron June 20, 2009
A legitimate cult icon, Herschell Gordon Lewis was a pioneer of the cult horror genre, taking violence and gore to an extreme that cinema had never seen.

Blood Feast (1963)

by Joe Sheareron June 12, 2009
Oh dear! The guests will have to eat hamburgers for dinner tonight.