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screenshot from Tusk featuring Justin Long


Maybe funnyman Kevin Smith is a horror director at heart.

For a Good Time, Call…

There's a difference between comedy and behavior. "For a Good Time, Call..." aims for the former but mostly contains the latter.

Alpha and Omega

Will these two wolves find love? Don't be ridiculous! They're from two different packs!

Going the Distance

"Going the Distance" is hipper, edgier and about 40 I.Q. points smarter than the average romantic comedy.

Heroes of the Zeroes: Live Free or Die Hard

"Live Free or Die Hard" — charged-up with gleefully hellacious stunts and thrills — continues Nick Rogers' daily look back at the 365 best films of 2000-2009.

Planet 51

You know that I was hoping, that I could leave this star-crossed world behind; But when they cut me open, I guessed I changed my mind.

Youth in Revolt

Michael Cera gets to show a little bad-boy charm in the modestly amusing "Youth in Revolt."

Old Dogs

A comedy so by-the-numbers you'd have a harder time predicting what happens watching 90 minutes of Robin Williams doing dot-to-dot puzzles.