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My Old Lady - featured

My Old Lady

Kevin Kline, Maggie Smith and Kristin Scott Thomas are in fine form in the bitter-and-sweet "My Old Lady."
The Last of Robin Hood - inside

The Last of Robin Hood

Kevin Kline is a triumph as the original Hollywood bad boy, Errol Flynn, who was better at playing his fizzy, rakish role off-screen than on.

Silverado - inside

Silverado (1985)

I've always adored this revisionist Western, even as I can't decide whether it intentionally wades into parody or not.
Darling Companion inside

Darling Companion

One of the best ensembles assembled can't breathe life into uninteresting characters that spend the film wandering around the forest.

No Strings Attached inside

No Strings Attached

This film is too boring to talk about, so instead, here are 10 rules to save the romantic comedy genre.
The Extra Man inside

The Extra Man

Not even Kevin Kline can save this very bland movie.