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Tag Archives: Kevin Pollak

2.5 yaps

The Big Year

This tribute to feathered friends with an all-star cast should soar but never gets its wings. Continue reading

3 yaps

Red State

This grimy horror film is a fascinating step forward for director Kevin Smith but a step back for writer Kevin Smith. Continue reading

2.5 yaps


To watch “Choose” or not to watch? That is the question. Continue reading

4 yaps

Red State

Kevin Smith forgoes the funny and goes straight for the jugular in his latest flick “Red State.” Continue reading

2 yaps

Cop Out

Is it weird to recommend the DVD but not the movie? Continue reading

1 yaps

Cop Out

If you leave “Cop Out” thinking it’s comparable to “Beverly Hills Cop,” “Fletch” and other movies it mimics, you’re apt to fall for a banana in the tailpipe, too. Continue reading