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Hammer Productions and British Horror

It's been around 20 years since Hammer packed up its fangs and mummy bandages. Will it survive modern horror?

British Superheroes

A new, fifth addition to the X-Men saga is out today and, like a growing number of other superhero movies, is looking decidedly more British than usual.

Nick’s Top 25 and Worst 10 of 2010

Nick Rogers takes a look back at his picks for the 25 best — and 10 worst — films of 2010.

Let Me In

This is the very rare Hollywood remake that stands on its own to the original.

Beta male badasses

Movies heroes these days are less likely to be muscle-bound alpha males and instead be wimpy outcasts. What gives?


The most polarizing film of the year gets an ass-kicking video release replete with awesome features.

Coming to DVD August 3rd

Comic book somewhat-superheroes fight crime in "Kick-Ass," Ewan McGregor stumbles upon political secrets in "The Ghost Writer" and Christina Ricci discovers the "After.Life" on DVD this week.

Remaking Foreign Films

Hollywood is convinced we hate subtitles so they quickly remake foreign films. But are some of them good?