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annie 2014 - quvenzhane wallis, jamie foxx


Years in the making, the modern-day adaptation of the classic musical has many enjoyable moments, plus a whiz-bang performance from its young star.
mac and me - interior

Mac and Me (1988)

"Mac and Me" is everything "E.T." is not and yet an absolute ripoff all at the same time. A wonderment of late '80s cheese you simply must behold to believe.

Kids - inside

Kids (1995)

Despite its lurid depiction of wastrel youths getting high and having sex, there's an immediacy and vitality to "Kids" that can't be denied.
Ralph - Inside

Wreck-It Ralph

A colorful and imaginative voyage into video games, with plenty of potential enjoyment for kids and parents alike.


Friends with Kids

A romantic comedy with something for both sexes, sure to satiate both those who are the sentimental type and those who like some eye candy with their laughs.
Yogi Bear inside

Yogi Bear

Incompetent and obnoxious: Perfect family film recipe!


Movies You Aught Not Watch: Old Dogs

"Old Dogs" — which essentially pees down its leg and calls it comedy — continues Nick Rogers' weekly, alphabetical look back at the 52 worst films of 2000-2009.
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Heroes of the Zeroes: School of Rock

"School of Rock" — riotously funny and deftly mainstream without falling into cliches — continues Nick Rogers' look back at the 365 best films of 2000-2009.

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Why Kids Love Horror

Why do kids love the very bogeymen that hunt them down on the silver screen?
Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy

The type of movie that will make kids no longer excited to lose their baby teeth.

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Scary Movies are for Kids

Michael Myers is simply a second cousin to the big bad wolf.