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‘The Boss’: Melissa McCarthy is the world’s funniest CEO

Melissa McCarthy’s back! This time around, she’s Michelle Darnell, a CEO of a giant company who was sent to the big house for insider trading. After she’s paid her debt to society and is ready to start over, not everyone is ready to make nice. Kristen Bell, Peter Dinklage and Kathy Bates co-star. “The Boss” struts into […]
Frozen - inside


The best animated film of 2013 gets a lush video release.

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Veronica Mars

This labor of love is catnip for fans of the gone-but-not-forgotten cult TV series about a fierce schoolgirl turned PI.
Frozen - inside


Easily the best animated film of the year and featuring some terrific songs, "Frozen" will warm the cockles of the cartoon lover's heart.

Safety Not Guaranteed - inside

Safety Not Guaranteed

Quite possibly the best movie of 2012 that nobody saw.
Safety Not Guaranteed - inside

Safety Not Guaranteed

Do people really travel through time in "Safety Not Guaranteed"? Ultimately, that question is not critical to the movie's considerable success.

Big Miracle inside

Big Miracle

Despite its TV Movie of the Week feel, "Big Miracle" is a smart, tenderhearted flick suitable for the whole family.
You Again - inside

You Again

A reasonably entertaining family comedy with a great cast and some slapsticky humor.