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Five films to freshen up Valentine’s Day

You’ve exhausted the classic love stories. Now try these unconventional Valentine’s Day films.

British Film Focus

A reduced British presence at Cannes this year, but still a variety of films worth watching out for and a Scottish auteur sits on Spielberg's jury.

Hammer Productions and British Horror

It's been around 20 years since Hammer packed up its fangs and mummy bandages. Will it survive modern horror?

Hammer Presents: The Woman in Black

Amidst a sea of new horror like "Paranormal Activity", “The Woman in Black” rises out of the ashes of a long forgotten genre, the Gothic horror.

Free Films!: Netflix Instant

Here are some five-star recommendations if you want to test out this free trial.

Let Me In

The American remake is unnecessary but undeniably skilled, retaining everything unsettling about the Swedish vampire drama.

Let Me In

This is the very rare Hollywood remake that stands on its own to the original.

Remaking Foreign Films

Hollywood is convinced we hate subtitles so they quickly remake foreign films. But are some of them good?