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The Commuter

Clinging desperately to the undercarriage of the Mediocrity Express, "The Commuter" hopefully marks the last in this string of bad Liam Neeson action films.

Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House

How do you adequately portray a historical figure most notable for remaining an enigma? It's a riddle that "Mark Felt" never figures out.


One of the best films of 2016, and certainly the one almost nobody saw, "Silence" is a deeply affecting depiction of the struggle between faith and church.


"Silence" represents the culmination of a great filmmaker’s cinematic representation of his own struggles with faith and religion — which aren't the same thing.

A Monster Calls

A generous and gentle exploration of the anguish that comes before death, "A Monster Calls" belongs on any list of the year's best films.


INDIANAPOLIS! WIN PASSES TO SEE SILENCE, Tuesday January 10th at 7pm! 1) go to Share the post about this contest. 2) Go back to and comment on the post about this contest and tell us what’s your favorite Liam Neeson movie OR what’s your favorite Martin Scorsese movie? Synopsis: Martin Scorsese’s SILENCE tells […]

Liam Neeson and Joel Kinnaman play a father and son trying to survive a mobster's wrath in "Run All Night," a 2015 Warner Brothers release.

Run All Night

A well-made movie that could have been better, in which the quiet, talkie parts are more interesting than the mayhem.
Liam Neeson is a father trying to save his son from a mobster's wrath in "Run All Night," a 2015 Warner Brothers release.

Run All Night

Wheezing, limping and lumbering all night much more than it runs, Liam Neeson's most arthritic action movie to date isn't one with a number wedged in its title.