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by Christopher Lloydon November 28, 2012
Great performances by Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren push "Hitchcock" beyond an amusing bauble about the great film director.

Men in Black 3

by Christopher Lloydon November 27, 2012
For what feels like a cynical chance to revive some flagging careers, "Men in Black 3" is a reasonably engaging bit of disposable entertainment.


by Christopher Lloydon November 15, 2012
"Lincoln" has captured the sweet spot between historical hagiography and fully fleshed dramatic portrait of our 16th and greatest president.

Men in Black III

by Christopher Lloydon May 24, 2012
"Men in Black III" gets brownie points simply for not being "Men in Black II." A reasonably engaging bit of disposable entertainment.


by Austin Lugaron February 26, 2012
One of Martin Scorsese's best films could easily become a family classic that will inspire a new generation of storytellers.

Boardwalk Empire: Season One

by Austin Lugaron January 8, 2012
This season aired in 2010. Did HBO forget to release this Prohibition-era show? Do I blame them?


by Christopher Lloydon November 26, 2011
"Hugo" is gorgeous moviemaking that, in the end, feels mostly like an homage to itself.

Heroes of the Zeroes: A Serious Man

by Nick Rogerson September 24, 2010
"A Serious Man" — in which the Coens sneer not at anyone, but everyone — continues Nick Rogers' look back at the 365 best films of 2000-2009.

A Serious Man

by Joe Sheareron February 9, 2010
A vanilla sort of suburban middle-aged angst movie couched with a lot of Jewish subtext that I frankly just don't get.

Michael Stuhlbarg, star of “A Serious Man”

by Joe Sheareron February 5, 2010
Stuhlbarg sat down with The Yap to discuss working with the Coens, his experiences in landing the job and whether this is a film about Jews, for Jews.