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Going in Style

Not bad but just unambitious, "Going in Style" pairs up three oldsters to rob a bank, discover some life lessons and have everything turn out fine in the end.

Going in Style

Freeman, Caine and Arkin all charm within their familiar personas, but this Geriatric Robbery comedy is tired and predictable.

From left, Dave Franco, Lizzy Caplan, Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg star in "Now You See Me 2," a 2016 action-caper directed by Jon M. Chu and distributed by Summit Entertainment.

Now You See Me 2

By trading on its source’s tight, fun ingenuity for craven, calculated gimcrackery, “Now You See Me 2’s” only distinctive trait is making all the fun disappear.

London Has Fallen

A reasonably engaging action-thriller, in which a hard-case Secret Service agent mows through a sea of brown people to save the President.

Ted 2

You will laugh at "Ted 2," and you will also often be bored. Too bad you can't fast-forward.
the new movie poster for Lucy

INDIANAPOLIS! Win Passes to “Lucy”!

Win passes to the new action movie "Lucy" starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman and directed by Luc Besson.

The Lego Movie

Though it may grate on parents, this hyperactive animated flick will please kids the first time, and the 47th.

The Lego Movie

Zippy, zany and fast-paced, "The Lego Movie" is disposable — but enjoyable — entertainment for wee ones and their parents.