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Equity - featured


The Wall Street corruption story gets a twist with this female-centric story, starring Anna Gunn as a conflicted financial whiz.
Hands of Stone - featured

Hands of Stone

Strong performances, including Usher Raymond & Robert De Niro, buoy this Roberto Duran biopic, but it dances around the ring of the fighter’s life too much.

Our Little Sister - featued

Our Little Sister

This beautiful Japanese movie tells the tale of three adult siblings who welcome their teen half-sister into their lives, leading to transformation.
Hell or High Water - featured

Hell or High Water

A moody, evocative potboiler that steadily builds a head of steam, “Hell or High Water” is sharp as a leather strap cracked against bare skin in the Texas sun.

Kubo and the Two Strings - featured

Kubo and the Two Strings

A mesmerizing blend of fantasy, action and music, "Kubo and the Two Strings" is another stop-motion animation gem from Laika.

ReelBob: Anthropoid

"Anthropoid” is not a great movie, but it covers a brutal historical landmark event with sincerity and just a bit of Hollywood invention.


ReelBob: Indignation

You come away with an appreciation for the dialogue sorely missing from the majority of today’s movies that emphasize flash over substance.
Don't Think Twice - featured

Don’t Think Twice

Funny, a little sad and a lot smart, "Don't Think Twice" is writer/director/co-star Mike Birbiglia's look at what happens when one improv troupe member's star shines brighter than the others.