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Fort Tilden

A funny and smart look at New York City Millennial women flailing and failing to make it to the beach, and through life. Continue reading

Mitchell Kezin, writer/director of “Jingle Bell Rocks!”

Writer/Director Mitchell Kezin discusses his film “Jingle Bell Rocks” and documentary entry into the Indy Film Fest 2014. Continue reading

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Jingle Bell Rocks!

Jingle Bell Rocks! doesn’t seek to rationalize or justify the writer/director’s obsession with Christmas music, rather it’s more like his Christmas gift to us. Continue reading

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Spare and bleak, “Bluebird” is about a life-changing event in a blue-collar community, and how it reverberates through various lives. Continue reading

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I Believe in Unicorns

There’s not a whole lot of story to “I Believe in Unicorns,” but the evocative imagery and convincing performances buoy it along. Continue reading

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Kumiko the Treasure Hunter

“Kumiko the Treasure Hunter” is the sort of movie destined to be loved by critics, and not many others. Continue reading

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Big Significant Things

A one-man road trip movie, “Big Significant Things” heralds a mature star-making performance by Harry Lloyd. Continue reading

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For an Indy Film Fest schedule and showtimes, click here. “Skook” is the sort of movie you see a lot at indie film festivals from young artists making their first feature films. They showcase twentysomethings who are wandering emotionally and … Continue reading

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Ben’s At Home

This Indy Film Fest selection is a fun, breezy romantic comedy whose plot gets in its way. Continue reading

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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Smart and soulful, “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” is the best piece of spectacle this summer has to offer. Continue reading

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