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April and the Extraordinary World - featured

April and the Extraordinary World

A bold mix of steampunk mythology and historical revisionism, "April and the Extraordinary World" is a better idea than the final film.
Keanu - featured


Like Amy Schumer with "Trainwreck," the duo behind "Key and Peele" that it's a long jump from television comedy to feature films.

Miles Ahead - featured

Miles Ahead

In trying to embrace Miles Davis's inventiveness, Don Cheadle errs on the side of fancifulness over coherence. It doesn’t degrade the power of his performance.
Everybody Wants Some - featured

Everybody Wants Some!!

Richard Linklater's latest (and, I think, best) film is a haze of partying, drinking, doping, dancing and sex that unexpectedly segues into mystical profundity.

The Jungle Book - featured

The Jungle Book

A mix of stunning CGI creatures and nods to the 1967 animated classic, "The Jungle Book" is a kid-pleasing mashup of somethings old and new.


A nonsensical spy plot and uncertain tone undermine a solid performance by Kevin Costner.

Krisha - featured


A remarkable filmmaker debut, "Krisha" takes the strains of normal family relationships and transforms them into a subtle, violent warfare of the soul.
Midnight Special - featured

Midnight Special

Part ode to early Spielberg, part terse rumination on Otherness, "Midnight Special" is a worthy film that is a little too meagerly with its emotions.