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This spare, bleak but beautiful film from Hungary shows us how the lines between aggressor, victim and bystander blur in wartime.

I Feel Pretty

Amy Schumer stars in a variation on the old body switcheroo comedy, playing a frumpy girl who thinks she's suddenly become the most beautiful woman in the world.

Lean on Pete

“Lean on Pete” is the wrenching story of a young man yearning for the simplest thing: to be loved and wanted, and return the same.

You Were Never Really Here

Star Joaquin Phoenix and filmmaker Lynne Ramsay give us a spare, haunting film that asks if brutal acts can make for a good man.

ReelBob: ‘Foxtrot’ ★★★★

A pall of regret and recrimination hangs over “Foxtrot” like a soupy London fog. This Israeli import, written and directed by Samuel Maoz, is weighted down by grief and tragedy, as it delves into the uncertainties and ironies of life in modern-day Israel for military personnel and civilians alike. The movie opens with Michael and […]

Truth or Dare

Kids Play a Deadly Game and Start to Die; Otherwise Known as the Adventures of Sweet One, Jerky Guy, Drinky Girl and the Rest of the Gang.


A mesmerizing portrait of evil -- not a single man, but the political machine that sprang into action to protect its best hope at the expense of a young woman's life.


Using the old saying about sex and pizza as a ruler, "Blockers" measures up on the teen sex comedy scale as better than gas station slices but topping out at Little Caesars.