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Indy Film Fest: The Things We’ve Seen

An evocative American Gothic drama, "The Things We've Seen" examines a rural family torn by bad choices and long absences.

Indy Film Fest: Signature Move

A smart, well-acted romantic comedy that’s a confident blend of somethings old and new.

Indy Film Fest: We Are EC: The Untold Story of East Chicago Basketball

This documentary provides a comprehensive overview of the role basketball has played in the northwest tip of Indiana, known here simply as The Region.

Indy Film Fest: Dead Draw

“Dead Draw” shows a steady hand in showing that crime does pay, but it also takes its own sort of deduction.

Indy Film Fest: Henry

“Henry” is a beautifully accomplished and polished film, just 52 minutes long but filled with a sense of depth and contemplation.

Indy Film Fest: Wind River

Indy Film Fest starts off with a bang with the neo-Western "Wind River," Taylor Sheridan's powerful follow-up to "Hell or High Water."

The Little Hours

A bawdy, sex-and-cursing adaptation of the 14th century "The Decameron" shows there are nuggets of comedy to be panned just about anywhere.

The Exception

This WWII drama / romance features strongly drawn performances, though the movie lacks narrative focus and can't figure out who the main character is.