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Miss Sloane

"Miss Sloane" explores the rot of our political system, with Jessica Chastain in a strong performance as one of its chief schemers.

Man Down

Shia LaBeouf is solid playing a grizzled Marine trying to find his wife and son in a post-apocalyptic world, but "Man Down" wanders too much.

The Eagle Huntress

An inspiring documentary about a Mongolian girl who dreams of becoming the first female of her people to hunt with eagles.

The Edge of Seventeen

“The Edge of Seventeen” is a keener and truer take on teendom than we’ve seen in a while.

Gimme Danger

"Gimme Danger" is Jim Jarmusch's piercing of the gaudy disguise of Iggy Pop, a peculiar pop-culture figure who turns out to be way more than skin deep.


“Trolls” is one of those animated films crafted exclusively for little kids, who will enjoy it immensely while parents find it a chore to endure.

Hacksaw Ridge

Though it’s a little too self-serious, and emphasizes war's devastation over the grace of its pacifist subject, “Hacksaw Ridge” has immense & undeniable power.


Like the other Robert Langdon movies, "Inferno" is fast-paced and forgettable, and exists mostly to buttress the careers of Ron Howard, Dan Brown and Tom Hanks.