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Everybody Wants Some - featured

Everybody Wants Some!!

Richard Linklater's latest (and, I think, best) film is a haze of partying, drinking, doping, dancing and sex that unexpectedly segues into mystical profundity.
The Jungle Book - featured

The Jungle Book

A mix of stunning CGI creatures and nods to the 1967 animated classic, "The Jungle Book" is a kid-pleasing mashup of somethings old and new.



A nonsensical spy plot and uncertain tone undermine a solid performance by Kevin Costner.
Krisha - featured


A remarkable filmmaker debut, "Krisha" takes the strains of normal family relationships and transforms them into a subtle, violent warfare of the soul.

Midnight Special - featured

Midnight Special

Part ode to early Spielberg, part terse rumination on Otherness, "Midnight Special" is a worthy film that is a little too meagerly with its emotions.
The Boss - featured

The Boss

"The Boss" is moderately filthy, decently funny and features Melissa McCarthy stretching her wings after a string of too-similar roles.

I Saw the Light - featured

I Saw the Light

Tom Hiddleston is solid as Hank Williams in "I Saw the Light," but like other music biopics it struggles to bend an untidy life into a straight narrative line.
Marguerite - featured


An oddly compelling portrait of a woman who loves to sing but has the voice of a screeching ostrich — an untalented ostrich.