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Table 19

Mumblecore with an emotionally resonant center, "Table 19" is a fun and smart little film celebrating the screw-ups and the outcasts.

A United Kingdom

Less a story of romantic love than love of country, this excellent drama based on history shows the noblest side of patriotism.

The Red Turtle

A spare, wordless animated feature about a man trapped on an island by a mysterious giant red turtle.
An alien craft hovers above the water in "Arrival," a 2016 Paramount Pictures release directed by Denis Villeneuve.


A fine science fiction drama, more contemplative and imaginative than we usually see. But a Best Picture Oscar nominee?

The Lego Batman Movie

Can the Lego team sustain a parody of a tiresome superhero without it becoming tiresome itself? The answer is: Mostly.

Fifty Shades Darker

I read that Dakota Johnson used whiskey to shoot the sex scenes in “Fifty Shades Darker.” After watching the movie all I can say is: Where’s ours?

Oscar-Nominated Short Films: Live Action

Reviews of all five Oscar-nominated Short Films — Live Action.


“Julieta” is a minor work in Pedro Almodóvar’s filmography of complex, nuanced female characters, but still a worthy one.