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Havana Motor Club - featured

Heartland: Havana Motor Club

“Havana Motor Club” is a high-horsepower look at Cuban car culture, especially the attempt by native gearheads to revive the sport of racing.
Bridge of Spies - featured

Bridge of Spies

"Bridge of Spies" is an enlivening geopolitical thriller that pulls the curtain back on an unknown battle during the Cold War.

Crimson Peak - featured

Crimson Peak

A goofy, Gotchic horror/romance, "Crimson Peak" is positively dripping with bloody mood but forgot to pack the intrigue.
99 Homes - featured

99 Homes

A deliberately discomfiting portrait of how the line between victim and victimizer can easily blur.

A Brilliant Young Mind - featured

A Brilliant Young Mind

This sensitive drama tries to add too much to its story, resulting in a depressed, though still positive, value of its cinematic experience.
Pan - featured


Rather a mess, but an exhilarating one, the latest iteration of the Peter Pan legend captures the quintessence of childlike wonder.

eaters - featured

Eaters (2015)

"Eaters" is equal parts "Texas Chainsaw Massacre," "Children of the Corn" and "Wrong Turn" — if only it exhibited the same originality or intensity.
The Martian - inside

ReelBob: The Martian

A brilliant and intelligent space adventure that salutes man's ingenuity.