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Barely Lethal - inside

Barely Lethal

The story of a super-spy who decides she'd rather go to high school instead, "Barely Lethal" becomes the dumb teen movies it mocks.

McFarland, USA

The serious racial and class undertones make this far better than your average Disney sports movie.

In the Name of My Daughter - inside

In the Name of My Daughter

The great Catherine Deneuve shines in this true-story tale of a disappeared French heiress and the lawyer/lover who may have killed her.
The Connection - inside

The Connection

A fairly gripping tale of the heroin trade featured in "The French Connection" from a perspective across the Atlantic.

REEL BOB: ‘San Andreas’

“San Andreas” can be enjoyed for what it is; a big-budget popcorn movie meant solely to offer a summer thrill ride.
Tomorrowland - lede


A weird cotton candy concoction, "Tomorrowland" seems reluctant to reveal itself to its audience.