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Objects in Mirror

Many films have found the extraordinary in the mundane, but watching “Objects in Mirror” feels like being trapped in the apartment with the heroine. Continue reading

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A solid war picture if not an effective character piece, “Fury” crushes the notion of the nobility of war under its grinding, pitiless treads. Continue reading

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Men, Women & Children

An ambitious, sprawling look at how we love and lust today, “Men, Women & Children” tarries when it ought ought to hurry, and moves on when it should tarry. Continue reading

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The Referee (L’arbitro)

This gorgeous-looking but often puzzling film looks at the obsession with football in a remote part of Sardinia. Continue reading

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Amira & Sam

Martin Starr shines in this unlikely tale of an American vet who finds the country he returns home to unsatisfying. Continue reading

The “Tomorrowland” trailer will rock your world

The new movie starring George Clooney and directed by Brad Bird gets a new trailer, and it’s ricidulously awesome. Continue reading

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The Judge

“The Judge” starring Robert Downey Jr. has all the hallmarks of a labor of love, and all the weaknesses. Continue reading

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Kill the Messenger

This probing look at a journalist personally crushed for his stories about the CIA supporting drug traffickers shows the true nature of investigative reporting. Continue reading

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The Good Lie

Though occasionally dipping a toe into maudlin, this tale of Sudanese refugees finding a new life in America is heartfelt, funny and wise. Continue reading

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The Skeleton Twins

There are times where a movie is so endearing that it doesn’t really matter what it’s about, whether it has a driving narrative, or even what the plot is. “The Skeleton Twins” is a movie like that, where the leads … Continue reading

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