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The Cove

The Cove is an amazing movie. It cuts like a razor and strikes at the core to drive home the message that if there is something to be done, the time is now.

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure is a charming film that will appeal to the young lady in your household. This franchise definitely looks to be here to stay.

Astro Boy inside

Astro Boy

You won't find anything but a mildly-diverting good time with "Astro Boy."

Atom Age Vampire (1960)

In the 1960 foreign film Seddok, l'erede di Satana otherwise known as 'Atom Age Vampire' there's a monster in the room: the movie itself.

Seven Minutes inside

Seven Minutes in Heaven

Not a bad film, but it doesn't do much to distinguish itself as original.

New York, I love you…too.

In the collaborative "New York I Love You" (Oct. 16), a collection of actors and directors come together for a love letter to the city that continues to make its mark in movies.

My Life in Ruins

Coming to DVD Oct. 6

Jack Black and Michael Cera take a journey of biblical proportions and leave their mark on history, Eddie Murphy finds his imagination and Nia Vardalos goes back to Greece this week.

Inside Mr. Perry’s House

If 'I Can Do Bad All By Myself' has you craving more Tyler Perry - or more Madea - check out Mr. Perry's library available on DVD.

Jennifer’s Body

Megan Fox is devilishly good as a demonic high school cheerleader who doesn't just torture the boys, but eats them right up.

Fear Itself

Although the series has its flaws, it still is enough to make you pull the covers tight and have the shadows play with your imagination.


All sexed up for ‘Sex’ sequel

Shooting begins on Sex & the City 2, let the fun begin as Sarah Jessica Parker returns as the infamous Carrie Bradshaw.
GI Joe inside

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

There's plenty to love and hate about the first live-action incarnation of my beloved line of toys.

Tetro new


Coppola's ability to take a single word, break it to bits and reassemble it into a fascinating cinematic work is astounding.

An Interview with Yara Shahidi (“Imagine That”)

Yara chats about her new film "Imagine That," racing Eddie Murphy to the set, learning Farsi, and just how scary Samuel L. Jackson is in real life.