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The rise of eSports in Movies and Documentaries

Year after year the prize money rises, more and more players are following their favorite teams live on the net. The popular MOBA League of Legends is played monthly by 67 million players, a number which exceeds the population of France. In Dota 2 tournaments, the prize money has multiplied by a factor of ten […]

Indy Film Fest: Sylvio

An intriguing, insightful look into life through the eyes of a guy in a gorilla suit, "Sylvio" is the definition of "something different."

Russell Crowe’s Best Films

A look at the best of Russell Crowe.

Classic Movie Locations that Directors Love to Use

Directors and screenwriters love to re-purpose filming locations.

Collector’s Corner: Lapel Pins

Next up on the Collector's Corner shelf is the humongous world of tiny, movie-themed lapel pins.

Film on Vinyl: Top Five Sci-fi Soundtracks

Science-fiction films have allowed us to gaze into the future, and behind every memorable sci-fi film is an even more memorable score.

Fantastic Female-Led Films that Men Should Watch

Movies with girls can be for guys, too.
Demolition Jake Gyllenhaal Naomi Watts


A well-intentioned film about the nuances of grief, "Demolition" tries its best to avert cliches but is largely unsuccessful.