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"Sparkle" manages to be both overly flashy and exceedingly dull, with too much Jordin Sparks and too little Whitney Houston.
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Bel Ami

Robert Pattinson deserves points for trying, but his wannabe "Dangerous Liaisons" is woefully predictable.

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Friends With Kids

As she did with "Kissing Jessica Stein," Jennifer Westfeldt executes an appealing concept in a less-than-stellar way.

Casinos in the Movies

Movies set in casinos are a crapshoot, but here are the five best.

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TV to Movie Transitions

Christopher Lloyd is joined by Bob Bloom, Richard Propes and Ed Johnson-Ott to discuss stars and filmmakers who made the transition from television to film
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First Position

Six young dancers put it all on the line at a high-stakes ballet competition in Bess Kargman's fast-paced and stirring documentary.

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What to Expect When You’re Expecting

The self-help book gets turned into a mushy romantic comedy about a bunch of pregnant couples, only one of which is worth hanging out with.
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What to Expect When You’re Expecting

A waste of a funny and talented cast, "What to Expect" utilizes every stereotype imaginable — and throws in a few more.

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The Bling Ring

Lifetime takes a fascinating true crime story and turns it into, well, a Lifetime movie.
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The Lucky One

Zac Efron is All Grown Up, Attractive and Sensitive: The Movie!

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The Hunger Games

Sustained tension, vivid cinematography and mostly spectacular casting make this adaptation of the bestselling young adult novel a winning fighter.
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One of Martin Scorsese's best films could easily become a family classic that will inspire a new generation of storytellers.

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The Big Year

This tribute to feathered friends with an all-star cast should soar but never gets its wings.
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Bella Swan Syndrome

The new kid almost instantly becomes the talk of school, becomes wildly popular and attracts the attention of the hottest member of the opposite sex.