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SMG College Park - Cans Film Festival

Studio Movie Grill offers free admission for food donation

Promotion offers free admission to the new Studio Movie Grill with canned food donation.
Don Jon within post

Don Jon

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's directorial debut about an Italian stallion with a secret is mostly middling but has a few pleasant surprises.

Short Term 12 image within post

Short Term 12

Brie Larson delivers a tremendous breakthrough performance in this understated and moving exploration of social services and safety.
You're Next image within post

You’re Next

Picture "Home Alone" with blood, breasts and bad acting, and you have this unwatchable horror-comedy mess.

Four Eyed Hottie inside

The Four-Eyed Hottie

You nerd...take off those glasses, comb your hair different, and I'll be in love with you.
The Judy Greer

The Judy Greer

The unheralded buddy character in romantic comedies who is infinitely more interesting than the star, but gets almost nothing to do in the movie.

Film Yap Lexicon Marty Discount

The Marty Discount

I love ALL of ______'s movies...even if they stink.

10 Movies to Watch with Dad This Father’s Day

10 flicks to watch with your dad on Father's Day.