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Una Vida: A Fable of Music and the Mind

A beautiful, heartfelt movie about finding redemption through simple acts of love. Continue reading

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Get On Up

The James Brown story does everything most other musician biopics do, but none of them does it better than “Get On Up.” Continue reading

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A Late Quartet

Despite a slightly odd bit of casting, this ode to dysfunction, insecurity and endless politics among performers hits all the right notes. Continue reading

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Treme: Season Two

One of my favorite shows on the air has another season full of joy toward the culture of New Orleans and impressive storytelling skills. Continue reading

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Joyful Noise

One part “Burlesque,” two parts “Country Strong,” this glittery train wreck has one watchable Part(on). Continue reading

Top 10 TV Episodes of 2011

Austin brings in nine friends to each profile of the best episodes of the year. According to us, “Community” is a lot more popular than the ratings suggest. Continue reading

Molly Parker, Actress, “Trigger”

Actress Molly Parker talks to the Yap about her new film “Trigger,” learning to rock it out and say goodbye — in the same day — and the power of pink boots. Continue reading

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The Music Never Stopped

An interesting premise is ruined by stale filmmaking and underwritten characters. Continue reading

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Treme: Season One

David Simon’s new show about post-Katrina New Orleans has a different spirit, but uses the best elements from “The Wire.” Continue reading

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The Concert

“The Lives of Others” as shot through the feel-good filter of “Mr. Holland’s Opus,” “The Concert” tells a tale rarely shown in film, let alone so exuberantly. Continue reading

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