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annie 2014 - quvenzhane wallis, jamie foxx


Years in the making, the modern-day adaptation of the classic musical has many enjoyable moments, plus a whiz-bang performance from its young star.


Lena Dunham's controversial series has a sometimes uncomfortable but always thoughtful and promising first season.

My Last Day Without You

It tries to be "Up in the Air" meets "Before Sunrise," but I don't think the film is listening to its characters.

How I Met Your Mother: Season Six

The fun CBS comedy knows how to have a good time but is no longer interested in trying to tell a larger story.

The Extra Man

Not even Kevin Kline can save this very bland movie.

Flight of the Conchords: The Complete Series

This charming HBO comedy is worth seeing, but really should have more bonus features.


This tragic tale of rich kids in New York is one of the better ensemble films in recent years.