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Charlize Theron stars as Furiosa in "Mad Max: Fury Road," a 2015 Warner Brothers release and director George Miller's long-awaited continuation of the "Mad Max" film series.

Mad Max: Fury Road

An instant classic and an unforgettable, habit-forming rush you'll crave continuously to mainline the reason we go to movies in the first place.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

The retconning of the X-Men franchise is a smashing success, a superhero movie that combines great action and soulful contemplation.


Jack the Giant Slayer

A fun, goofy ride, "Jack the Giant Slayer" is head and shoulders above other fairy-tale inspired adventure films of late.
Warm Bodies - inside

Warm Bodies

Funny, a little bit gory and a little bit sad, "Warm Bodies" is one of the year's most unexpected cinematic treats.

BFF baftas13 - inside

British Film Focus

BAFTA winners and losers, Nicholas Hoult and Benedict Cumberbatch's new roles and Emma Thompson gets in touch with her dark side.
Warm Bodies - inside

Warm Bodies

With its oddly satisfying mix of scares and laughs, "Warm Bodies" is the most heartwarming zombie flick ever.