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Class of 1984: “All of Me”

by Nick Rogerson August 27, 2014
Under director Carl Reiner’s devilishly deft touch, "All of Me" is 1944 by way of 1984, but its true timelessness emanates in Steve Martin's epic performance.

Class of 1984: “The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension”

by Nick Rogerson July 30, 2014
"Buckaroo" endures because it's impossible for something so bizarre to not be somewhat interesting.

Class of 1994: “The Shadow”

by Nick Rogerson June 30, 2014
Despite episodic fits and starts of nostalgic glee, "The Shadow" is a temperamental trinket without the temerity to truly explore its hero's dark side.

Class of 1994: “Fear of a Black Hat”

by Nick Rogerson May 29, 2014
This mockumentary spoof lampoons gangster-rap luminaries but more furiously lambastes those who embraced the genre to pursue a bank account, not a battle cry.

Class of 1984: “Stop Making Sense”

by Nick Rogerson April 30, 2014
Accessible and arty (like Talking Heads itself), Jonathan Demme's concert film comes vibrantly alive as a story of artistic expression at its most incandescent.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

by Nick Rogerson April 2, 2014
With aggression more akin to Christopher Nolan's Batman films than Marvel's pop spectacle, this sequel tests Cap's mettle & metal in mighty, entertaining ways.

Summer Movie Preview 2014

by Christopher Lloydon April 2, 2014
Christopher Lloyd and his special guests talk about summer movies, and why the season seems to start earlier every year.


by Nick Rogerson March 29, 2014
A cacophonous, purposeless mishmash of mayhem and murder whose stink nestles in the nostrils while asking far too much of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Class of 1994: “The Chase” / “Terminal Velocity”

by Nick Rogerson March 28, 2014
In an alternate universe somewhere, the real Charlie Sheen is still making ridiculously entertaining action movies ... and earning the credit he deserves.

Picking the Oscars

by Christopher Lloydon February 26, 2014
Nick Rogers and Christopher Lloyd ply their prognosticating powers for the 2014 Oscar ceremonies.