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Project X

by Nick Rogerson March 3, 2012
Far less ambitious and audacious than it thinks it is, "Project X" is the sort of party where there's too much booting and not enough rallying.

Act of Valor

by Nick Rogerson February 23, 2012
Great and awful aren't helpful extremes here. More applicable is whether it lets us think for ourselves or insist upon with-us-or-against-us patriotism.

Honoring the Trident: A Navy SEAL Assesses ‘Act of Valor’

by Nick Rogerson February 22, 2012
The Film Yap asks a SEAL to determine whether "Act of Valor" lives up to alleged authenticity.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

by Nick Rogerson February 18, 2012
There's elation to the way Nicolas Cage exaggerates in this sequel. It's a method to make a disposable movie entertaining and a reason to not give up on him.

This Means War

by Nick Rogerson February 17, 2012
Guns fire. Cars careen. Paintballs hit crotches. Reese Witherspoon bugs her eyes. Chris Pine acts like an ass. Tom Hardy looks disinterested. Repeat. Vomit.

Assessing Denzel

by Christopher Lloydon February 8, 2012
Joe Shearer and Christopher Lloyd are joined by special guest stars Bob Bloom and Nick Rogers to discuss the career of Denzel Washington.

The Woman in Black

by Nick Rogerson February 4, 2012
Were it part of a horror anthology, this would've been a stronger supernatural tale. As it is, an endless slog of midnights dreary will make you weak and weary.


by Nick Rogerson February 4, 2012
More a story of uncertain teenagers than unstoppable superheroes, "Chronicle" is an unforgettable character study couched in comic-book wit, color and momentum.

The Grey

by Nick Rogerson January 28, 2012
It's not "Taken" with wolves or "He Fought a Zoo." It's a mostly masterful meditation on mourning and the value of dying in the company of that which calms us.

Red Tails

by Nick Rogerson January 21, 2012
Heart is about the only thing in the right place for this rickety rah-rah resurrection of war-movie cliches that felt musty decades ago.