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Class of 1983: “The Dead Zone”

In a career built on unsettling, uncompromising bleak visions, "The Dead Zone" is among David Cronenberg's most poignant, powerful and strangely humane works.

You Only Live Twenty-Thrice: “You Only Live Twice”

After the turgid "Thunderball," this stunner rights Bond's ship with imaginative action, impeccable design and flourishes that bury the needle on coolness.

Heroes of the Zeroes: Thirteen Days

"Thirteen Days" — wringing situational suspense from known historical perspectives — continues Nick Rogers' daily look back at the 365 best films of 2000-2009.

Heroes of the Zeroes: The Fog of War

"The Fog of War" — Errol Morris’s stunning 2003 documentary — continues Nick Rogers' look at the 365 best films of 2000-2009.