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And the Nominees Were — 1940

The guys watch some great Hitchcock films and a few melodramatic duds.
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And the Nominees Were — 1939

The guys look at one of the most beloved years in Oscar history.

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Oscar reactions

In this week's show, Joe and Chris the big winners, losers and the spectacle from last night's Academy Awards.

Oscars Live Blog 2011

Here is the skinny on the Oscars, the winners and the losers, the triumphs and the injustices!

The King's Speech - inside

Oscar picks and predictions

Chris prognosticates the Oscars, plus his own picks and the Academy's flubs and snubs.
Brothers in Oscar

Joe and Chris prognosticate the Oscars!

In this week's show, Joe and Chris prognosticate the Academy Awards.

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Oscar nominee Luke Matheny

Luke Matheny, whose "God of Love" appeared in both major Indianapolis film festivals last year, is now an Oscar nominee for Best Live action Short Film.
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Oscar-Nominated Live Action Short Films 2010

Almost all the shorts are about complex issues perceived by children ... except the best one.

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Oscar-Nominated Animated Short Films 2010

2010's selection of Oscar-nominated animated short films is surprisingly weak, though two stand out.
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And the Nominees Were — 1938

Another year where Frank Capra and Spencer Tracy show they own this town. (And that's OK!)

The King's Speech - inside

Oscar nominations reaction

The 2010 Oscar nominations surprised and pleased, with many pleasant inclusions but a few troubling omissions.
Cinema Smackdown Crash

Cinema Smackdown: Crash (1996) vs. Crash (2004)

It's David Cronenberg's car-crash fetishists vs. Paul Haggis' racist Angelenos! Who will prevail?

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IFJA Awards

In this week's show, Joe and Chris perform a postmortem on the second annual Indiana Film Journalists Association awards.
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Best Documentary Shortlist

Every year the Oscars releases a shortlist of the nominees for Best Documentary. Austin evaluates and theorizes.