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Fall Into Film ’12

Joe and Chris discuss their faves and pans from the exciting fall film lineup. Continue reading

Taking Down the Oscars

Joe and Christopher do their postmortem on the Academy Awards, dishing on who came out big, who got robbed and whether Billy Crystal or Angelina Jolie looks better in black. Continue reading

Oscar Live Blog 2012

Join us starting at 7 p.m., when The Film Yap crew will be sharing our observations, commentaries and insults about the 84th Academy Awards!! Continue reading

Previewing the Oscars

Joe Shearer and Christopher Lloyd are joined by special guest star Ed Johnson-Ott of NUVO Newsweekly to discuss the ins and outs of Sunday’s Academy Awards! Continue reading

Oscar Nominations Reaction 2011

The Academy Award nominations for 2011 are out, and Joe and Chris have plenty to say about the winners, the losers, the big surprises and everything else Oscar. Continue reading

Oscar Documentary Shortlist 2012

Fifteen documentaries made the Oscar shortlist, but how come we haven’t heard of so many of them? Are they any good? Continue reading

And the Nominees Were — 1940

The guys watch some great Hitchcock films and a few melodramatic duds. Continue reading

And the Nominees Were — 1939

The guys look at one of the most beloved years in Oscar history. Continue reading

Oscar reactions

In this week’s show, Joe and Chris the big winners, losers and the spectacle from last night’s Academy Awards. Continue reading

Oscars Live Blog 2011

Here is the skinny on the Oscars, the winners and the losers, the triumphs and the injustices! Continue reading

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