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And the Nominees Were — 1938

Another year where Frank Capra and Spencer Tracy show they own this town. (And that’s OK!) Continue reading

Oscar nominations reaction

The 2010 Oscar nominations surprised and pleased, with many pleasant inclusions but a few troubling omissions. Continue reading

Cinema Smackdown: Crash (1996) vs. Crash (2004)

It’s David Cronenberg’s car-crash fetishists vs. Paul Haggis’ racist Angelenos! Who will prevail? Continue reading

IFJA Awards

In this week’s show, Joe and Chris perform a postmortem on the second annual Indiana Film Journalists Association awards. Continue reading

Best Documentary Shortlist

Every year the Oscars releases a shortlist of the nominees for Best Documentary. Austin evaluates and theorizes. Continue reading

Yap vs. Yap: Black Swan

In this week’s show, Joe and Chris go toe shoes-to-toe shoes over “Black Swan,” which Joe adored and Chris deplored. Continue reading

Early Oscar preview

In this week’s show, Joe and Chris yap about the 2010 Oscars — the earliest rundown anywhere! Continue reading

And the Nominees Were – 1937

The podcasting trio talk about 10 more films including The Life of Emile Zola, The Awful Truth and A Star is Born. Continue reading

Return to Oscar

It’s rare, but sometimes actors reprise their Oscar worthy performance. Sometimes successfully. Continue reading

4.5 yaps

The Secret in Their Eyes

This surprise winner definitely deserved last year’s Oscar for Best Foreign Film. Continue reading

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