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Captain America: Civil War

"Captain America: Civil War" is the sort of super-hero movie that hits its marks and gives you everything you expected but offers no surprises or boldness.
Brenda (Kristen Wiig), Frank (Seth Rogen), Sammy Bagel Jr. and Vash (David Krumholtz) face a threat in "Sausage Party," a 2016 Sony Pictures release directed by Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan.

Sausage Party

Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg's "Book of Mormon" moment — a marvelously animated, ecumenically equal-opportunity offender with hope, heart, humor, heroism & heft.


INDIANAPOLIS!! WIN PASSES TO SEE SAUSAGE PARTY, Wednesday August 10th at 8pm!! 1) go to Share the post about this contest. 2) Go back to and comment on the post about this contest and tell us what’s your favorite food? People who win tickets will have an opportunity to come early for a […]

‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ will show Wasp’s life as a superhero

Have you ever seen an ant and a wasp fight side by side? Well, you’re about to. The Ant-Man sequel has been named Ant-Man and the Wasp, and will show what it’s like for Wasp to be a superhero. Paul Rudd is once again taking on the role of Ant-Man for the sequel, and Evangeline […]

Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas star in the new Marvel Comics movie Ant-Man

New to View: Dec. 8

Marvel's latest superhero, Eli Roth's lurid cat-and-mouse thriller and season three of "Under the Dome" lead this week's new Blu-ray and DVD releases.
The new Marvel Comics movie Ant-Man, starring Paul Rudd


Sometimes the little guy stays little. "Ant-Man" is the Marvel super-hero movie that was better left in the drawer.


Settling in with the Marvel formula, Ant-Man is short on surprises, but still long on charm and action.

ReelBob: ‘Ant-Man’

Fast-paced, entertaining, humorous and also conflicted — trying to be its own film while being constrained by dictates and expectations of the Marvel universe.