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Lawrence of Arabia: 50th Anniversary Edition

“Lawrence of Arabia” was destined to become one of the most iconic films ever made. A new 50th Anniversary Edition on Blu-ray does it justice. Continue reading

2.5 yaps

The Stunt Man (1980)

With three Oscar nominations it did not deserve, “The Stunt Man” is a confused diatribe against … something. Continue reading

Pixar Talk: Ratatouille

Victoria watched this Pixar gem for the first time. Will she be charmed or grossed out by a rat working in a kitchen? Continue reading

3 yaps

Murphy’s War (1971)

“Murphy’s War” has the bones of a great movie but forgets to add the flesh. Continue reading

3.5 yaps

Zulu Dawn (1979)

The other movie about the Anglo-Zulu War, 1979′s “Zulu Dawn” doesn’t pack as much emotional punch as 1964′s “Zulu.” Continue reading

Heroes of the Zeroes: Venus

“Venus” — Peter O’Toole’s Oscar-nominated turn as a rogue in repose — continues Nick Rogers’ daily look back at the 365 best films of 2000-2009. Continue reading

4.5 yaps

Becket (1964)

This 1964 adaptation of the award-winning play crackles with smart dialogue performed by two actors at their peak. Continue reading

3.5 yaps

My Favorite Year

Peter O’Toole earned an Oscar nomination for his role as a drunken has-been movie star in this sweet, sentimental comedy. Continue reading