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‘Cars 3’ will acknowledge Doc Hudson

If you thought “Cars” was better than “Cars 2”, then do we have good news for you. According to Pixar giant John Lasseter, “Cars 3” is going back to its roots by giving the new movie a vibe that was similar to the first one. “Cars 3” will focus on feelings more than action. “Cars […]

Pixar’s ‘Piper’ short film will fly into theaters with Dory

When you go see “Finding Dory,” expect a bonus dose of cuteness! This is all thanks to Piper, the adorable sandpiper who’s the lead in Pixar’s brand-new short film. Piper is figuring out how to conquer her fear of water, thanks to a hermit crab. While this is going on, kids are talking about how […]


New to View: Nov. 3

Pixar's latest, a remake of "Vacation," and a documentary about William F. Buckley Jr. and Gore Vidal's rivalry lead this week's new Blu-ray and DVD releases.

Here’s some Toy Story 4 Plot Info

A lot of people complained when it was announced that Pixar was doing a Toy Story 4. Well, Pixar is trying something new for this sequel. According to John Lasseter, Toy Story 4 will be about the love story between Woody & Bo Peep. Also, Pixar President Jim Morris said Toy Story 4 will be […]

Anger (Lewis Black), Disgust (Mindy Kaling), Joy (Amy Poehler), Fear (Bill Hader) and Sadness (Phyllis Smith) are the emotions driving the mind of a young girl named Riley in "Inside Out," a 2015 Pixar film.

Inside Out

Pixar has got its mojo back with this fun, colorful movie that offers a little into how each of us might tick.

REEL BOB: ‘Inside Out’

The kids will laugh and the parents will exchange glances, grin and remember similar experiences with their offspring.

Madagascar Escape 2 Africa movie image

The Compensatory Cha-Cha

When a bad movie tries to trick you into thinking it's good by using a wacky song and dance.
BFF baftas13 - inside

British Film Focus

BAFTA winners and losers, Nicholas Hoult and Benedict Cumberbatch's new roles and Emma Thompson gets in touch with her dark side.


What Does the Lucasfilm-Disney Merger Mean?

Luke Skywalker and Mickey Mouse. I've got a good feeling about this.
BRAVE inside


Merida has a rightful place among Disney's other princesses; too bad the rest of the film doesn't hold up.

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Yap vs. Yap: “John Carter”

With the opening of the long-awaited film adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ “John Carter of Mars,” Disney’s “John Carter” offers the hardcore sci fi/space story junkie a prize the likes of which they haven’t seen for years. It is, for a small segment of the population, one of those “holy grail” properties that is often […]
WALL-E inside

Pixar Talk: WALL-E

Austin gushes about his favorite Pixar film. Victoria loves how gorgeous it is. And they muse about whether or not the movie is actually political.

Cars inside

Pixar Talk: Cars

Trouble in paradise as Victoria and Austin come across the first stumble in Pixar's career. They talk about recasting, "Doc Hollywood" and why the world makes no sense.
Incredibles inside

Pixar Talk: The Incredibles

Victoria and Austin return to talk about the cleverness of powers, strength of family and the problems that face the superhero genre.