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New “Spider-Man” movie won’t be an origin story

When you heard that they were making a new Spider-Man movie, you probably thought: “Oh great! They’re just going to tell the same story all over again.” Well, I have good news!  The new Spider-man writers Johnathan Goldstein & John Francis Daley feel like everybody already knows how Peter Parker became Spider-man so there is […]
Charlize Theron stars as Furiosa in "Mad Max: Fury Road," a 2015 Warner Brothers release and director George Miller's long-awaited continuation of the "Mad Max" film series.

Mad Max: Fury Road

An instant classic and an unforgettable, habit-forming rush you'll crave continuously to mainline the reason we go to movies in the first place.

Terminator: Genisys trailer

“Terminator: Genisys” trailer hits the reset button

The trailer for the reboot / revamp / redux of the Terminator franchise brings back Arnold Schwarzenegger with a bunch of new faces.
7 Reasons Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the best Spider-Man Yet

7 Reasons “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” is the Best Spider-Man Yet

Believe it or not, "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" is the best of the bunch. Here's why.

evil dead - interior

Evil Dead

A sullied, hollow shell of a remake with little to offer aside from slash-and-gash special effects.

You Only Live Twenty-Thrice: “Casino Royale” (2006)

By the end of this grand, bold reinvention, we know the soul, the complexity and the exciting potential in Craig’s characterization of Bond going forward.

GR Inside

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

"Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance" is so bad that it makes the first film look Oscar-worthy.

Heroes of the Zeroes: Star Trek (2009)

"Star Trek" — a reboot in which J.J. Abrams warped the Enterprise like he stole it — continues Nick Rogers' daily look back at the 365 best films of 2000-2009.

How Many Sequels inside

How Many Sequels?

Austin put together a panel of podcasters, a Yapper, and a TV host to see if anyone knows how many sequels are in a franchise.

Heroes of the Zeroes: Casino Royale (2006)

"Casino Royale" — a James Bond reboot that shook and stirred into an intoxicating whirl — continues Nick Rogers' look back at the 365 best films of 2000-2009.

Spider-Director inside

Sony is Rebooting Spider-Man…With Whom?

Raimi and Maguire are out--who's in?

Does Abrams owe Trek fans an apology?

Caine ruminates on JJ Abrams' decision to NOT include William Shatner as Captain Kirk in his new vision of "Star Trek."