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Billy Budd (1962)

A tremendous adaptation of the Herman Melville drama whose singular Academy Award nomination feels like a great oversight. Continue reading

3.5 yaps

The Bridge at Remagen (1969)

This 1969 World War II drama is a product of its time, in which souring American attitudes about Vietnam were reflected in movies about previous conflicts. Continue reading

4.5 yaps

Primary Colors (1998)

Dismissed unfairly as “the Clinton movie” back in 1998, “Primary Colors” emerges after a decade-and-a-half as a top-shelf political drama. Continue reading

4 yaps

The Long Riders (1980)

This forgotten and criminally underrated Western from 1980 is notable for its stylized violence and terse, organic characterizations. Continue reading

3 yaps

Tokyo Story (1953)

Ozu’s 1953 family drama, often near or even at the top of lists of the greatest films of all time, is a major letdown. Continue reading

4.5 yaps

One-Eyed Jacks (1961)

Marlon Brando’s Rio is a deviation from the classic Western protagonist, in that he’s a man of action who often isn’t sure how to act. Continue reading

3 yaps

Street Smart (1987)

We can thank “Street Smart” for helping launch Morgan Freeman’s brilliant career, but it’s otherwise a psychological thriller of little consequence. Continue reading

3 yaps

Fahrenheit 451 (1966)

Curiously flat and dry, Francois Truffaut’s adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s seminal novel never brings the human story to a boil. Continue reading

4.5 yaps

Kansas City Confidential (1952)

A top-notch film noir, “Kansas City Confidential” wasn’t afraid to break the mold of what a crime story could be in 1952. Continue reading

4.5 yaps

The Champ (1979)

“The Champ” may be a weepie, but it’s a damn fine one — with a performance from Ricky Schroder that becomes the crownbearer for Best Child Acting Ever. Continue reading

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