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Lion of the Desert (1981)

An engaging if uneven biopic about an early Libyan freedom fighter, virtually unknown in the West due to its financier, Muammar Gaddafi.

Funny Girl (1968)

Though the dreary third act pulls down the rest of the film, "Funny Girl" boldly presented a new face to the world.

Rio Bravo (1959)

Some have called it the conservative response to "High Noon," but "Rio Bravo" stands sturdy on its own two boots as a well-crafted Western.

The Desert Rats (1953)

A crisp, terse war adventure, "The Desert Rats" is a historically inaccurate, but well-told, yarn and sorta-sequel to "The Desert Fox."

The Eagle Has Landed (1976)

A preposterous movie based on an absurd premise, "The Eagle Has Landed" nonetheless boasts a fine cast and direction by John Sturges.

Broken Arrow (1950)

This gorgeous, bold drama was one of the first Hollywood films to offer a sympathetic portrait of American Indians, though it's undermined by a bogus romance.

Battle of Britain (1969)

A serviceable if unremarkable WWII war film, "Battle of Britain" exists mostly as a marker of great deeds rather than truly capturing them.

Kids (1995)

Despite its lurid depiction of wastrel youths getting high and having sex, there's an immediacy and vitality to "Kids" that can't be denied.