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The One That Got Away (1957)

The rare WWII film that depicts heroism on the German side, “The One That Got Away” made Hardy Krüger a star. Continue reading

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Darby’s Rangers (1958)

Never have I seen a military drama so done in by sex. Romance is not a recurring distraction in “Darby’s Rangers”; the battle scenes interrupt the mush. Continue reading

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The Comancheros (1961)

The 1961 Western, the last film by director Michael Curtiz, is better considered than watched. Continue reading

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The Desert Fox (1951)

A muddled mess of a biopic, “The Desert Fox” does not exist to tell the story of Rommel’s life but to set the historical record straight about his death. Continue reading

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Monte Walsh (1970)

Less a plot-driven Western oater, “Monte Walsh” is more a slow-moving but satisfying contemplation on the end days of the cowboy life. Continue reading

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The Man in the White Suit (1951)

Alec Guinness, best known for his dramatic roles, shone in a decade of Ealing Studios comedies like “The Man in the White Suit.” Continue reading

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Tokyo Joe (1949)

In an era when Hollywood loved cut-and-dry endings, “Tokyo Joe” is notable for the way Humphrey Bogart never steps fully into the light. Continue reading

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Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo (1944)

Despite an overly romanticized first half, “Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo” turns out to be one riveting war picture. Continue reading

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The Lost Weekend (1945)

“The Lost Weekend” is an uncompromising look at alcoholism in an era when addiction was swept under the rug of polite society. Continue reading

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The Wings of Eagles (1957)

A cinematic tribute to naval commander/screenwriter Frank “Spig” Wead that feels like a CliffsNotes version of a man’s life. Continue reading

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