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Aces High - inside

Aces High (1976)

Despite some thrilling World War I air combat scenes, "Aces High" fails to deliver on the ground.
All the King's Men - inside

All the King’s Men (1949)

An ambitious, if ultimately disappointing, adaptation of Robert Penn Warren's novel about the underside of politics, democracy and America itself.

Champion - inside

Champion (1949)

This gritty boxing drama, though it hasn't aged well, earned an Oscar nom for Kirk Douglas and established many of the patterns of the genre.
Battle Cry - inside

Battle Cry (1955)

Strange to title it "Battle Cry" since it takes more than two hours to reach the film's first, and only, turgid battle scene.

The Mortal Storm - inside

The Mortal Storm (1940)

Despite some limitations, "The Mortal Storm" is a top-notch drama notable for being one of the few Hollywood films to tackle Nazism prior to Pearl Harbor.
Christine - inside

Christine (1983)

Originally seen as a big flop among the Stephen King adaptations, "Christine" is best viewed outside the prism of the horror genre.

Wings - inside

Wings (1927)

The original Best Picture Oscar winner remains eminently watchable in a fantastic new restoration for its first release on DVD/Blu-ray.
Air Force - inside

Air Force (1943)

War is terrible ... except when you've got such a swell bunch of guys to share it with! And some really bad model airplanes.