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Brian's song - inside

Brian’s Song (1971)

The iconic buddy weepie contains some splendid acting for a TV movie, but the storytelling hasn't held up well with the years.
Hondo - inside

Hondo (1953)

A good, though not great, Western, "Hondo" nonetheless stands out from other movies of its era.

Wing and a Prayer - inside

Wing and a Prayer (1944)

A rather standard WWII propaganda film that stands out due to some impressive battle scenes.
Time After Time - inside

Time After Time (1979)

Another disappointing time-travel tale done in by an unnecessary emphasis on romance.

Warlock - inside

Warlock (1959)

A forgotten minor masterpiece, "Warlock" doesn't fit into any neat conceptions of the Western genre.
Who the $& Is Jackson Pollock - inside

Who the *$&% Is Jackson Pollock? (2006)

The stimulating documentary about a $5 painting that might be a Jackson Pollock and the art world that is compelled to deny it.

Somewhere in Time - inside

Somewhere in Time (1980)

An insipid romance/fantasy that marks the nadir of the time-travel obsession of the 1970s and '80s.
Objective Burma - inside

Objective, Burma! (1945)

After a boring first act, "Objective, Burma!" morphs into a gritty, realistic drama showing what it was really like to be a G.I. dogface in the Pacific theater.