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Hobson’s Choice (1954)

A smart and sly romantic comedy that showcases the war between the sexes, “Hobson’s Choice” is David Lean in his pre-epic phase. Continue reading

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Gregory’s Girl (1980)

Bill Forsyth’s breakout film is a romantic comedy in which the characters don’t behave for the camera, but simply exist and are observed. Continue reading

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Raiders of the Seven Seas (1953)

A prototypical piece of mid-century low-budget spectacle, “Raiders of the Seven Seas” isn’t a bad film, just a cheap one. Continue reading

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Goodbye, Mr. Chips

A musical romantic drama that departs greatly from the James Hilton novella, “Goodbye, Mr. Chips” boasts one of Peter O’Toole’s best turns. Continue reading

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Carve Her Name With Pride (1958)

This mid-century bit of romantic drama includes an espionage angle with Virginia McKenna as a real-life British/French WWII spy. Continue reading

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Silent Running (1972)

Part of Hollywood’s ever-so-brief flirtation with counter-culture ideas and stories, “Silent Running” exists mostly as an influencer of later, better sci-fi. Continue reading

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The Hot Rock (1972)

This caper comedy from 1972 features a lot of neat setups, nerve-wracking heists and clever dialogue. Continue reading

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Blood Simple (1984)

Pretentious and forced, “Blood Simple” registers as exactly what it is: the jittery fumblings of promising first-time filmmakers. Continue reading

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Joe Kidd (1972)

“Joe Kidd,” from an original screenplay by Elmore Leonard, goes to show that even the best of us sometimes do stuff just for a paycheck. Continue reading

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Five Steps to Danger (1957)

Plodding, dumb and unbelievable, “Five Steps to Danger” is a prime example of mid-century B-movie filmmaking. Continue reading

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