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Evil Dead

A sullied, hollow shell of a remake with little to offer aside from slash-and-gash special effects. Continue reading

INDIANAPOLIS! Win Passes to “Starbuck”!

  INDIANAPOLIS!! Enter to win passes to see “Starbuck,” Wwednesday, April 17 on Indy’s north side! To enter, do the following:  1) Go to any page on The Film Yap (, read the story and leave a comment at the bottom … Continue reading

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This Canadian comedy is so primed for its American remake, it’s practically American itself. Continue reading

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Red Dawn

Fast-moving & technically astute, this update of America under siege trades less on U.S. anxiety than bankability its stars acquired as the film sat on shelves. Continue reading

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The Three Stooges

A dull, listless film with its heart in the right place but ultimately having no reason for existence. Continue reading

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

What is the American take on the material? Pretty much the same you have already seen. Continue reading

4.5 yaps

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Tight and taut, “Dragon Tattoo” won’t surprise you with new information but should engage and entertain you all the same. Continue reading

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Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

Piecemeal treats are fun here, but never add up to a cumulative chill. Honestly, the most frightening things it has to offer are end credits with Comic Sans. Continue reading

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The Next Three Days

Paul Haggis thankfully shelves his sociology-degree sermonizing for this pure-pulp prison-break thriller starring Russell Crowe. Continue reading

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Just Go With It

It’s always a good sign when the title is a plea. Continue reading

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