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British Film Focus

The BAFTA nominations have been released and it's slim pickings for British films out in the coming month. Plus, some plot details for The Hobbit 2 and 3.

Louie: Season One

Louie C.K. finds humor and insight in this untraditional new comedy series.

Heroes of the Zeroes: Ghost Town

"Ghost Town" — a warm, humorous romantic comedy that recalls Albert Brooks' social satire — continues Nick Rogers' look back at the 365 best films of 2000-2009.

The Invention of Lying

This rumination on religion, fame and honesty is often hilarious, but at times falls flat.

Coming to DVD Jan. 19

Ricky Gervais discovers the art of truthlessness in "The Invention of Lying," on DVD this week. Also: Gerard Butler in "Gamer" and Kate Beckinsale in "Whiteout."

The Invention of Lying

"The Invention of Lying" is a hilarious comedy with a little secret: It's also a biting satire about religion.