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Machete Kills

Machete kills, all right, but the only thing left for dead is the recent resurgence of exploitative schlock.
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That Guy: Frank Langella Contest Winner and Answers

The winner of and answers to our first "That Guy" contest!

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That Guy: Frank Langella

Whether playing an intimidating, remorseless, self-serving politician, a bombastic villain or a fatherly boss, no one does it better than Frank Langella.
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"Machete" is bloody, messy and a damn good time. It’s part B-movie masterpiece, part western, but 100 percent badass.

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Robert Rodriguez: Awesome For All Ages

Not many directors have the range to write/direct Sin City AND The Adventures of Shark Boy & Lava Girl.
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That Guy: Danny Trejo

With his signature craggy visage, distinct tats and cold look in his eyes, Danny Trejo is your "That Guy" of choice if you want a heartless killer, or stone-cold badass in your film.

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From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

Pure b-movie magic that's smarter, funnier, gorier and better than most a-list films out there.
Auteur Hitchcock Insert

Writing About Auteurs

If a director doesn't write the screenplay, can they still be an auteur? It depends.

20 in 10 Nightmare

20 Must-See Films in ’10, Part II

20 of the most eagerly-anticipated flicks of the new year.