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The Lady in the Van - featured

The Lady in the Van

A cozy little movie, a bracing mix of sweet sentiment and acerbic confrontation that reminds us life is what happens when we're looking the other way.
Mr. Holmes - featured

Mr. Holmes

"Mr. Holmes" is a fascinating exploration of the hero myth when the hero has lost his grasp on the very thing that made him revered.

The Book Thief - inside

The Book Thief

Though a bit on the maudlin side, "The Book Thief" gives us another wonderful tale amidst the horror of World War II.
The Angels Share - inside

The Angels’ Share

Ken Loach's newest glimpse at the U.K. underclass is like two jigsaw puzzles that got jumbled up together and don't mesh.

Woman in Black

The Woman in Black

This week, Daniel Radcliffe makes his way back to DVD with “The Woman in Black," where he’s ready to show the world that he’s much more than the boy wizard.
Tamara Drewe - inside

Tamara Drewe

This pastoral adaptation from director Stephen Frears succeeds as a comedy of manners and observation, even if it chooses the wrong characters to drive the plot.