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“Amour” is an immensely powerful testament to true companionship and how love endures over time. Continue reading

At the Mountains of Movie Madness — Week Seven

This week, Austin tries to get in touch with his feminine side but ends up panning movies like “The Last Unicorn” and “The Notebook.” Continue reading

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Ruby Sparks

A young writer’s perfect dreamgirl comes to life, and it only gets more awkward from there. Continue reading

3.5 yaps

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

“Salmon Fishing in the Yemen” is definitely an acquired taste, but it’s completely worth closing your eyes and taking a bite. Continue reading

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Darling Companion

One of the best ensembles assembled can’t breathe life into uninteresting characters that spend the film wandering around the forest. Continue reading

2.5 yaps

Perfect Sense

A terribly contrived post-apocalyptic romance with a twist and a Blu-ray that enhances beautiful cinematography but not the drab plot. Continue reading

3.5 yaps

The Vow

“The Vow” may be cheesy and extremely predictable, but it’s a story that will make you smile and will warm your heart. Continue reading

3.5 yaps

The Lucky One

Zac Efron is All Grown Up, Attractive and Sensitive: The Movie! Continue reading

3.5 yaps

Friends with Kids

A romantic comedy with something for both sexes, sure to satiate both those who are the sentimental type and those who like some eye candy with their laughs. Continue reading

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The Rum Diary

“The Rum Diary” feels more like a bad hangover than the party that caused it. Continue reading

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