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8mm (1999)

This criminally underrated film is the kind of thriller Hitchcock would have made if he were around in the '90s.

Ronald Short, writer/director of “Billi & Theodore”

Indiana-bred filmmaker Ronald Short walks the path of Richard Linklater with his freewheeling road trip comedy.


American Beauty (1999)

Sam Mendes' debut film stuns with its thrillingly cinematic depiction of suburbia.


For newbies to horror, this richly animated film is an enchanting introduction.


Spielberg Out of the Spotlight: “Lincoln”

Steven Spielberg's new film beats strongly with the heart of Old Hollywood, but it lacks the contemporary grit of his best historical reflections.

Spielberg Out of the Spotlight: “Munich”

Like great political thrillers of the '70s, "Munich" is equipped with a moral agenda, but it also thrills.

Spielberg 2-inside

Spielberg Out of the Spotlight: “Catch Me If You Can”/”The Terminal”

This week, Sam discusses Spielberg's breeziest films — and two of his best.
spielberg inside1

Spielberg Out of the Spotlight: Stark Sci-fi

In this first entry of his new weekly column, Sam explores Steven Spielberg's darker spectacles.

Dark Shadows-inside

The Burton Binge: “Dark Shadows”

As dense and twisty as its soap opera source material, this latter Burton effort blithely juggles droll humor and tragic romance.

The Burton Binge: “Alice in Wonderland”

This week, Tim Burton tumbles down the rabbit hole, delivering a surprisingly personal commentary along the way.

Sweeney todd inside

The Burton Binge: “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”

This adaptation of the 1979 stage musical is easily Burton's grimmest work.
corpse bride-inside

The Burton Binge: “Corpse Bride”

Tim Burton returns to the world of hand-crafted wonder for this delightfully whimsical fairy tale romance.


The Burton Binge: “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”

A backwards step from "Big Fish," this film features one of the few Burton worlds to which you'll want to remain an outsider.

The Burton Binge: “Big Fish”

Tim Burton's most personal and poignant film since "Edward Scissorhands," "Big Fish" is a seamless fusion of magic and reality.