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While the original “Carrie” is an essential horror film, this year’s remake is an essential high school drama that happens to have horror elements. Continue reading

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“Jobs” is not a grand biopic, but it’s an enchanting reminder of the childlike wonder with which we should view technology and its creators. Continue reading

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A documentary about SeaWorld that feels like a prison drama, “Blackfish” proves that truth is stranger than fiction. Continue reading

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8mm (1999)

This criminally underrated film is the kind of thriller Hitchcock would have made if he were around in the ’90s. Continue reading

Ronald Short, writer/director of “Billi & Theodore”

Indiana-bred filmmaker Ronald Short walks the path of Richard Linklater with his freewheeling road trip comedy. Continue reading

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American Beauty (1999)

Sam Mendes’ debut film stuns with its thrillingly cinematic depiction of suburbia. Continue reading

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For newbies to horror, this richly animated film is an enchanting introduction. Continue reading

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Spielberg Out of the Spotlight: “Lincoln”

Steven Spielberg’s new film beats strongly with the heart of Old Hollywood, but it lacks the contemporary grit of his best historical reflections. Continue reading

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Spielberg Out of the Spotlight: “Munich”

Like great political thrillers of the ’70s, “Munich” is equipped with a moral agenda, but it also thrills. Continue reading

Spielberg Out of the Spotlight: “Catch Me If You Can”/”The Terminal”

This week, Sam discusses Spielberg’s breeziest films — and two of his best. Continue reading

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