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Deli Man

A light, charming trifle, better suited for the Food Network than the silver screen.


Nominated for 2014's Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, this Russian drama is otherworldly yet familiar, epic yet intimate.

Oscar preview 2015

Chris and Sam are joined by Richard Propes of The Independent Critic to give a preview of the 2015 Oscars, our picks, predictions and complaints.

Still Alice

A challenging yet compelling film that casts a subdued light on a terrible disease without softening its devastating effects.

Black Sea

A blue-collar "The Hunt for Red October," this film hits the beats of the submarine genre with greasy aplomb.

The Boy Next Door

This thriller could have been an artful tale of adultery, but it dodges moral questions and delivers pure popcorn fun.

Sam’s Top 10 Films of 2014

Sam reveals his favorite films from a remarkably personal year at the movies.


A masterpiece of mood that subverts expectations of explosive moments and steadily simmers under your skin.