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"Confusion Through Sand" (2014), and animated short by Danny Madden.

Confusion Through Sand

Indianapolis Film Festival award-winning short "Confusion Through Sand," a perfect fusion of animation style and storytelling substance, is now free on Vimeo.

Rolling on the Floor Laughing

That awkward moment when a widower introduces her grown children to her new boyfriend is perfectly executed in this drama short.

Late Summer

A timely seasonal drama about a young woman's transition from carefree teenager to responsible adult.

Free Films! – Archive

A website hosting public domain films allows you to download beloved classics.

Search for the Great Sharks

"Search for the Great Sharks" is interesting enough but lacks the bite of Discovery Channel's ever popular Shark Week.


Two opposing soldiers are forced to confront their situation in this short film.

The Escape

This great short film knows how to use its format to show a powerful moment.

Wings and Oars

It only last a few minutes, but this rich animated film will stick with you.