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MCU Retrospective, Parts 16/17—”Guardians Vol. 2″ & “Spider-Man: Homecoming”

In this entry, we get goofy with the Guardians again AND get reintroduced to our favorite wall-crawling web-slinger.

MCU Retrospective: Complete List

Behind on our MCU Retrospective series? Check here for a complete list of entries to make sure you're prepped for "Avengers: Infinity War!"

Spider-man movie has been named Homecoming

Well, Spider-man’s getting a homecoming. We know this because the new Spider-man movie has been named Spider-Man: Homecoming. As previously reported, Tom Holland will be taking on the role of Spider-Man. Marisa Tomei will be taking on the role of Aunt May. Iron Man a.k.a. Robert Downey Jr. will be in the movie also. Spider-Man […]

‘Captain America: Civil War’ trailer: Spider-man reporting for duty

What special skill is going to be a game changer when Captain America and Iron Man fight in their Civil War? Web slinging! That’s right, Spider-man is reporting for duty in Captain America: Civil War and we have the new trailer to prove it. Tom Holland is taking on the role of Spider-man this time, […]

New “Spider-Man” movie won’t be an origin story

When you heard that they were making a new Spider-Man movie, you probably thought: “Oh great! They’re just going to tell the same story all over again.” Well, I have good news!  The new Spider-man writers Johnathan Goldstein & John Francis Daley feel like everybody already knows how Peter Parker became Spider-man so there is […]

“Avengers: Age of Ultron” trailer will Hulk your socks off

The latest trailer for the superhero team-up sequel shows us new heroes, sheds light on Ultron's motives. Plus: more Hulk vs. Iron Man!

Superman II comic book movie canon change

The 8 Worst Comic-Book Movie Canon Changes, Part 2

From Batman to Spider-Man, here are the most egregious comic book movie canon changes in cinema.
The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Eat it, haters. This Spider-Man is spectacular.