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Captain Fantastic - featured

Captain Fantastic

The story of a rebel who learns the limits of rebellion, "Captain Fantastic" features a fine ensemble of six children and their dad.
The Good Dinosaur - featured

The Good Dinosaur

For my money the best animated film of 2015, which richly deserves a second chance on video.

The Good Dinosaur - featured

The Good Dinosaur

Though it isn't at the top of the Disney/Pixar animation pyramid, "The Good Dinosaur" is a heartfelt and endearing tale of finding family and making your mark.
Out of Sight - inside

Cinema Blind Spots: Out of Sight (1998)

Do you like Steven Soderbergh? Are you a fan of George Clooney? Austin kills two birds with one stone and tells you if "Out of Sight" is worth a must-see, or one to leave on the shelf.


Class of 1994: “Reality Bites”

Formless and fuzzy, "Reality Bites" is a film whose legacy as an encapsulation of an ethos and an era has little to do with the film itself.
Dallas Buyers Club - inside

Dallas Buyers Club

Matthew McConaughey transforms his body and his career with this game-changing turn as an AIDS drug crusader.

Dallas Buyers Club - inside

Dallas Buyers Club

With a command performance as a homophobe who saved the lives of many LGBT people with AIDS, Matthew McConaughey rules "Dallas Buyers Club."
Treme inside

Treme: Season Two

One of my favorite shows on the air has another season full of joy toward the culture of New Orleans and impressive storytelling skills.