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The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)

Noah Baumbach's latest film shows the audience how to turn a dysfunctional family's life into one of the funniest and best films of the year.

“Happy Death Day” scares up $26.5m to lead box office

"Happy Death Day" rides the wave to Halloween with a solid opening, while "Blade Runner 2049" shows it may have legs for a long run.

ReelBob: ‘Professor Marston & the Wonder Women’ ★★★★½

By Bob Bloom William Moulton Marston is known for two creations — an early prototype of the lie detector and Wonder Woman. In the year that Wonder Woman smashes onto the big screen in a big-budget superhero film, it is apropos that a movie explaining Marston’s inspiration for his Amazonian character also is released. In […]

New to View: Oct. 17

By Bob Bloom The following Blu-rays and DVDs are being released on Tuesday, Oct. 17, unless otherwise noted: Girls Trip (Blu-ray + DVD + digital) Details: 2017, Universal Studios Home Entertainment Rated: R, crude and sexual humor, nudity, language, drugs The lowdown: Who’s the sexist who says women can’t be as raunchy, horny or crude […]

Indy Style — October 13

On this week's show, Chris reviews "Marshall," "The Foreigner," "Faces Places," "Take Every Wave: The Life of Laird Hamilton," "Professor Marston & the Wonder Women," "Happy Death Day" plus "Baby Driver" on video.

Heartland: That Trip We Took with Dad

For tickets and show times, please click here.   Picture this: you live in Romania in 1968. Stalin’s been dead for more than a decade yet his movement still lives on in your country, making your disgust in Stalin a major concern in the community if anyone finds out. Even though neighboring countries are experiencing […]

Heartland: What Children Do

For tickets and show times, please click here. After watching “What Children Do,” I was surprised that it took me this long to see a super indie comedy drama at Heartland Film Festival. Regardless of the film’s quality, this is a film that I think most people expect to see at a film festival. It […]

Heartland: ‘Augie’ ★★★★

For tickets and show times, please click here. By Bob Bloom Sometimes when viewing a documentary about someone battling a disease — especially when it is your responsibility to review it — you start asking yourself some uncomfortable questions. Are you being too easy on the movie because you feel sorry or empathy for its […]