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Dan Hartley, writer/director of “Lad: A Yorkshire Story”

Writer/director Dan Hartley talks about making his semi-autobiographical drama, “Lad: A Yorkshire Story.” Continue reading

“Medora” co-director Andrew Cohn

Andrew Cohn, co-director of the documentary “Medora” about a small-town Indiana high school basketball team, talks about making the film. Continue reading

Nikki Braendlin, “As High as the Sky”

Nikki Braendlin talks about her debut as a feature film writer/director with “As High as the Sky” Continue reading

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Danny Madden’s innovative drama takes place in the mind of a teen on a strange aural journey. Continue reading

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A Common Enemy

The messy breakout of democracy in Tunisia is chronicled in this often engaging documentary from Jaime Otero Romani. Continue reading

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Open Mic Night After the Apocalypse

Hoosier Mike James decided to put on a concert in the desert featuring his favorite bands and made a movie about the effort. Continue reading

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Persistence of Vision

A 30-year-long attempt to make the greatest animated film ever is chronicled in Kevin Schreck’s ambitious doc. Continue reading

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Fall and Winter

It’s OK for documentary films to advocate a cause, but not to push you around. “Fall and Winter” is a heavy-handed, hectoring mess. Continue reading

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TINY: A Story About Living Small

This terrific documentary takes us deep inside the “tiny home” movement, where people live in houses the size of a McMansion walk-in closet. Continue reading

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As High as the Sky

“As High As The Sky” is a witty and skillful look at a trio of women in a character study of moods, family ties and best-kept secrets. Continue reading

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