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“Ghostbusters” scares up big crowds

"Ghostbusters" scares up $46 million to allay doubts about an all-female reboot, but quite enough to take the top spot from "The Secret Life of Pets."
West of Her feature

Indy Film Fest: West of Her

A beautiful debut film both mysterious and enchanting, and anchored by a wonderful performance from Kesley Siepser, who’s a talent that deserves to be noticed.

Reparation Movie featured

Indy Film Fest: Reparation

A superb thriller that leaves you breathless as you race to find the revelation of its reality and the true intentions of its menacing antagonist.
All the WRong friends featured

Indy Film Fest: All the Wrong Friends

It misses an opportunity due to stereotypical characters, flat plot and stiff dialogue, but is at least a launchpad for a budding summer film program at SMU.

Miles Ahead - featured

New to View: July 19

Don Cheadle's Miles Davis biopic, a comic speculation of Elvis Presley & Richard Nixon's meeting, and a seminal Native American film lead this week's releases.
Indy Style - featured

Indy Style — July 15

Chris gives his top 5 picks for Indy Film Fest, plus reviews of "Ghostbusters" and "Everybody Wants Some!!" on video.

Treppe Aufwarts - featured

Indy Film Fest: Treppe Aufwärts

This seedy German family/crime drama feels more like the start of a good idea for a movie rather than a fully formulated one.
The Babymooners - featured

Indy Film Fest: The Babymooners

Created by a real-life pregnant couple, it’s part documentary, part fantasy, sketch comedy mixed with seriocomic confrontations with adulthood's abrupt arrival.