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Oscar Liveblog!

Stay tuned here for the annual Liveblog of the Academy Awards from the Yap crew!

ReelBob: My 2018 Academy Award predictions

By Bob Bloom Usually, I am excited about the Academy Awards; the drama — if any — of who will, the possibility of the unexpected — an upset or mix-up in the envelopes — and the cringe-worthy moments that make the telecast fun to watch. But this year, I am mostly apathetic about the Oscars. […]

Fearless Oscar Predictions 2018

Chris returns with his annual no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners Academy Award picks and predictions!

Roar of “Black Panther” not fading

Naysayers expecting "Black Panther" to fade quickly will be disappointed, as it tops $100 million in its second weekend and $700 million globally.


A stellar, thought-provoking film that exemplifies everything we love about science-fiction.

New to View: Feb. 27

By Bob Bloom The following titles are being released on Tuesday, Feb. 27, unless otherwise noted: Coco (Blu-ray + DVD + digital) Details: 2017, Pixar-Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment Rated: PG, thematic elements The lowdown: Pixar’s latest feature, is a lively concoction of music, mirth and mariachi, told against the colorful backdrop of Mexican family […]

On Body and Soul

"On Body and Soul" finds its footing in the second hour but Hungarian Oscar nominee doesn't live up to potential as great love story.


A group of young Parisians orchestrate a series of terrorist attacks and then spend the night hiding in a department store.