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Traumatized by his handler's death in Afghanistan, a Belgian Malinois military working dog is adopted by the fallen Marine's family in "Max," a 2015 MGM / Warner Brothers family film directed by Boaz Yakin.


By trying to sharpen its edges when sincere, simple empathy suits it fine, “Max” swerves its story in the worst possible direction.
John Carter

John Carter

Chris rises in defense of "John Carter," a sprawling, ambitious epic that's been unfairly maligned as one of the greatest flops of all time.

John Carter - inside

John Carter

An oft-confusing, occasionally silly mega-expensive thrill ride that, for sheer audacity, is the biggest thing to come down the cinematic pike since "Avatar."
Classic High School inside

Easy A

A smart, literate take on the sexual politics of the high school crucible, "Easy A" aims higher than the average teen comedy.

Sideways inside

Heroes of the Zeroes: Sideways

"Sideways" — Alexander Payne's comedy about emotional muck of people past their prime — continues Nick Rogers' look back at the 365 best films of 2000-2009.
911160 - EASY A

Easy A

With an intelligence that belies both its genre and its target audience, "Easy A" is a refreshing gust of wind in the typically bluster-less fall movie season.