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Cerina Vincent, “MoniKa”

The actress from “Cabin Fever” and “Not Another Teen Movie” talks about her latest, “MoniKa,” Twitter and being a Power Ranger. Continue reading

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As Above/So Below

“As Above/So Below” takes audiences on a haunted hayride through a maze of bones, ghosts and pop psychology. Continue reading

INDIANAPOLIS! Win Passes to “As Above/So Below”!

Win free passes to see the new horror movie “As Above/So Below,” hitting theaters Aug. 28, 2014. Continue reading

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Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Kenneth Branagh and company take a swing at Tom Clancy’s famous CIA analyst, Jack Ryan, with rather lackluster results. Continue reading

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Tom Hardy shines in this one-man show taking place almost entirely in a car. Continue reading

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier

With aggression more akin to Christopher Nolan’s Batman films than Marvel’s pop spectacle, this sequel tests Cap’s mettle & metal in mighty, entertaining ways. Continue reading

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A cacophonous, purposeless mishmash of mayhem and murder whose stink nestles in the nostrils while asking far too much of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Continue reading

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Class of 1994: “The Chase” / “Terminal Velocity”

In an alternate universe somewhere, the real Charlie Sheen is still making ridiculously entertaining action movies … and earning the credit he deserves. Continue reading

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You Will Be My Son

“You WIll Be My Son” is a slow-burn French thriller with a dark side — a Hitchcockian family affair with thrills aplenty. Continue reading

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Out of the Furnace

A gripping slow-burn thriller, “Out of the Furnace” is an unrelenting slice of red-blooded Americana. Continue reading

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